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STEP PAD for JKONE DEE3710484      LG/Sigma DPD-05 position switch

RV33-4NV 4.H

RV33-4NV 4.H V3.6 RV33-4NVO R-AVO

GEFRAN Siei Drive RV33-4NV 4.H Mainboard for avy4185 working
GEFRAN SieiDrive RV33-4NV 4.H Mainboard for avy4185 working pull

siei Inverter: AC Series L Series F Series G Series
siei inverter: AVY G_AGY QUIX XIEI TPD XVY_EV series inverter

For asynchronous elevator the inverter AVY2055-of KBL-the XO AVY2075-KBL-XO AVY3110-KBL-XO AVY4180-KBL-XO AVY3150-KBL-XO AVY4220-of KBL-XO
Synchronized elevator dedicated inverter AVY2055 the-KBLM-the XO AVY2075-KBLM-the XO AVY3110-KBLM-the XO AVY4150-KBLM-the XO AVY3180-KBLM-the XO AVY4220-KBLM-the XO AVGL1075-the XBL-BR AVGL1110-the XBL-BR4 AVY-4301-KBLM -XO AVY4371-KBLM-XO

West Otis special inverter: AVO3075-the XBL-BR4-0 AVO3013-the XBL-BR4-0
siei inverter board Model: RV33-3 AC4-O V3.4 RV33-4NV-1 RV33-4 AC4-O
siei inverter drive board Model: PV33-4L-18-400D
Drive power board PV33-2-04; PV33-2-07; PV33-3-11; PV33-3-15; PV33-4-18;
PV33-4-22; PV33-4-45; PV33-4-55; inverter IGBT S8H59.
siei PG card siei divider card: TL-EXP-E V2.2

siei inverter features:

> Control mode:
  Magnetic field vector of the closed-loop feedback control
  Magnetic field vector feedback open-loop control (non-sense mode)
  Scalar V / F control
> Output frequency up to 400HZ
> 15KW, the following built-in braking resistor
  55KW following may choose built-in braking resistor
> Programmable digital display panel
> Digital I / O instruction can use the PNP or NPN logic
> Three group differential analog input positive and negative 10V
> 8 digital inputs
> 4 digital outputs (2 opto-coupler 2 digital outputs)
> Up to 200% overload capacity
> RS485 serial interface (Modbus RTU)
> Can be connected to the fieldbus interface:
> Profibus-Canopen-deviceNet
> Standard IP20 level of protection
> Offline Auto-tuning
> Online auto-tuning
> Torque Control
> Dedicated starter set directory
> Motor I2t thermal protection
> Multi-speed function (paragraph 7 of prefabricated speed)
> 5 independent programmable slope curve
> Electronic potentiometer function
> Running in restart function
> Load distribution function
> Dual motor parameter setting
> PID module function
> Power failure detection operation and management


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