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Inventory control significance

1, the role of inventory control

Premise to ensure that the production, management demand, inventory often kept at a reasonable level;
Grasp the the inventory dynamic, timely, appropriate order to avoid super storage or out of stock;
Reduce the the inventory space occupied, and reduce inventory total cost;
Inventory control of funds used to accelerate cash flow.

2, the reasonable control of the inventory.

Increased warehouse space and inventory storage costs, thereby increasing the cost of the product;
Take up a lot of liquidity, to cause sluggish capital, only increase the burden of loan interest, etc., will affect the time value of money and the opportunity gain;a lot of OTIS Test Tool GAA21750AK2
Resulting in tangible and intangible loss of finished products and raw materials;many otis parts
The enterprise resources caused by a large number of idle affect the rational allocation and optimization;
Cover production and operation of the various contradictions and problems in the whole process, not conducive to improve the management level.


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