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12 Time Management Method

1, there are plans to use the time. Not planning time, equal to the plan to fail.

2, targeted. The goals should be specific, has to be realized.

3, will do things according to the level of priority sub-order. 80% of the things only need 20% of the effort. 20% of the things worth doing, should have priority. Therefore must be good to distinguish this 20% of the value of things, and then based on the value of the size, allocated time.

4, the day from morning to night things to do listed.

5, everything has a specific time of the end point. Control the phone and chat time.

6, follow your biological clock. What is the best time of your efficiency when? Priority to do the things on the best time.

7, good things than to do a good job is more important. Good thing, there is the effect; make things better just efficient. First, consider the effect, before considering the efficiency.

8, distinguish between urgent matters and important affairs. Emergencies are often short-term, the important thing is often long-term. Must learn how to make the important things become very urgent, efficient start.

9, every minute to do something of the highest productivity. The list of things that do not make any sense of things removed.

10, do not want to be a perfectionist. Do not the pursuit of perfection, but to pursue acting effect.

11, skillfully delay. If one thing, you do not want to do, can put this thing broken down into small parts, only one small part of it, or the main part of which can take up to 15 minutes to do.

12, learn to say "no." Once you determine what things are important, unimportant things you should say "no."

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